Blog Write-Up 4:2 – Project Idea

Pudge Worthington and the BIG SPLASH
Written by Christine Statzer
Illustrated by Caleb Statzer
This is the story that I’m gonna do for my Children’s Book project. My mum suggested to me that I should illustrate one of her old stories that she’s written a long time ago. This story is about a bear cub that takes bath and he makes a big mess on the floor from his imagination.
This is the front cover of the book.


Blog Write-Up 4:1 – Favorite Childhood Book

Favorite Childhood Book

Train Song

Written by Diane Siebert
Illustrated by Mike Wimmer

September 30 ,1993

I used to enjoy reading books about trains, because I used to be a train lover when I was a little kid and this was one of my favorite train books.

When you read along the words, they make the rhythm sound of a real train passing by along the tracks.

Triple Portrait Painting II

Triple Portrait Painting II

I’ve updated my painting portrait by adding a real picture of myself. I’ve tried to make it look like its painted, but it doesn’t really show.

Triple Self Portrait Spoof

I’ve updated my painting spoof by adding my mini crude sketch of myself and a few thing that I like.

Exercise 3.5 – Painting Self Portrait

Exercise 3.5 - Painting Self Portrait

This is a self portrait of myself in cartoon/anime form.

Exercise 3.2 – B

Exercise 3.2 - B

This is my second incomplete sketch one of Norman Rockwell’s paintings, The Girl with the Black Eye, but with one of my own female characters.

Exercise 3.2 – A

Exercise 3.2 - A

I’ve chosen the Triple Portrait of Norman Rockwell and redrew the picture with me in anime/cartoon style.