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Blog 3:1

ImageBImageImageGirl with Black Eye (1953),The Soda Jerk (1953), Triple Self Portrait (1960)

Norman Rockwell used to paint a lot pictures that had some happiness, humor, and fun to remind America to be happy and peaceful during the war.


I’m not really sure what picture to do for my project, so I can do one or two pictures. I’m going to place my own characters into my own picture to spoof these paintings.


Exercise 3:4 – B

Exercise 3:5

My textured version of the Hungry Caterpillar.

Exercise 3:4

Exercise 3:4

My own colored version of the Hungry Caterpillar

Exercise 3:3

Exercise 3:3

The cleaned up picture of the caterpillar.

Blog Write-Up 3:1

The Girl with Black Eye (1953), The Soda Jerk (1953), and Triple Self Portrait (1960).

By Norman Rockwell

Music Posters – Posted

Music Posters - Posted

These are my pictures of my poster that I’ve posted around the campus as they were really being advertise for a new album or a concert.

Music Poster – Final Draft C


Ms. Rizzhel had suggested me to do a different poster theme besides Halloween. So I was inspired by Crazy Taxi, the video game, to do a crazy car ride theme since Offspring had one of their songs in the game, so I wanted to make a crazy car poster, and called the album…CRAZY RIDE!!!!