Blog Write Up 2.1

When I started my Project Exercise 2.2, I’ve made a few rough drafts which was a sword, the Triforce, and a cross, so I chose the cross. Next, I made another draft of the cross, which was made out of the words “Cross” and punched out the words into a cross. Then one of my class gave me a feed back that I should change the background from white to black. So that’s what I did, but it was different from my original design. The difference was that I made the cross out of white words, and added some light rays to it which had religious words to it. Then I got another feedback from the same classmate, that I should write the words on the background, then punch in the cross, using the same words from my 2nd draft of the cross. I’ve made two Final Drafts which the cross itself, and another one with some of the words highlighted yellow to make it look like light rays shining. Juan then gave me a feedback that I shouldn’t have the one with the light rays, because it would be too distracting.


Feedbacks: Robyn Ford, Juan Martinez, and Keith Amiidei


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