Music Poster – Draft 1

I’ve updated my 1st draft of my music poster. picardilek suggested that I shrink the band and the skull into a smaller size. I’ve also put in the moon behind the skull to make more Halloweenish.


7 responses to “Music Poster – Draft 1”

  1. yaidermeister says :

    Love the Offspring! Skull is a little off center though. More to the left! =)

  2. 1brolland says :

    Reblogged this on 1brolland and commented:
    i kinda like it but i get a Halloween feeling is this what you wanted?

  3. picardilek says :

    I liked the halloween poster the best. Colors are great with the design. maybe skull and the guys could be a tiny bit smaller and not too centered. I liked your color choices.

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