Blog Write-Up 2.2

I’ve started my project by picking a few bands and their logos, which were Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Offspring. So I chose Offspring, and made up a Halloween album and named it TERROR, since I was in the Halloween Spirit! Jade Mcconnell commented on my 1st draft that the skull wasn’t completely centered, so I centered it more. Then I got another comment from Butch. S, (it wasn’t really that much advice though), he asked me if I wanted my picture to give off a feeling of Halloween, and yes, that’s what I wanted my picture to be. I also had thought about it and made more ideas for my picture. I’ve made draft 2, where the picture had a haunted house in the background to give it more theme, but the color was completely off. My own mom, gave me feedback about it and suggested me to change the color of the band members to dark gray which was Draft 3 and it look better. Finally, I got a feedback from Dilek Picard on my first draft and she said that she liked it; so I began to work on the 1st draft again, adding more stuff to it, starting with the moon behind the skull, like on the other drafts. In class, I got more feedbacks from my other classmates, Lananh Nguyen suggested me to work on the Headtitle by moving it away from the edges and change the text to give it a Halloween theme and to make it stand out. Claire Vrabel, Keith Amidei, and Ms. Rizzhel all had suggested to make my album title a spooky like font to suit the poster’s theme. Keith did also suggested me to put in less bats to make it less distracting. I’m now satisfied with my Final Draft and it looks great so far!


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  1. ARTD150 says :

    WOW! Caleb these are great preliminary sketches! I am so glad to see you utilizing the flexibility of the program 🙂 I agree with Butch’s recommendation, I understand that you are interested in playing with the Halloween theme- BUT there are some limitations that arise in the design. Let’s say, for example, you’re poster is hanging up in the mall with tons of other Halloween decorations- what can you do with your poster to make it stay out? These types of decorations are so prominent in the environment this time of year- I think this design can get easily mistaken for a different type of event or not reach the right demographic of people.

  2. ARTD150 says :

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    Thoughts or suggestions?

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