Music Poster – Final Draft

After Dilek had posted a feedback about Draft 1, I’ve decided to add more work to it, and this became my Final Draft. I’ve gotten more feedbacks while I was in class from Rizzhel, Lananh, Claire, and Keith that my fonts needed a creepy like style to suit the theme. More feedbacks please.


3 responses to “Music Poster – Final Draft”

  1. ARTD150 says :

    I like what is going on with the shadows, it really adds a sense of depth. It looks as though the design is moves back into the wall. That might be something that you want to play with more in your final design. ? I would also play with the text a little bit more. How can you incorporate the text as a part of the illustration instead of text block around these graphics? GREAT JOB!

  2. ARTD150 says :

    Reblogged this on ARTD150 and commented:
    Feedback? What do you all think of the design theme? Is it working for the Off Spring?

  3. artifexdisegno says :

    I really like the theme and what you did with the design. I would suggest to find a way to make it look less like a poster for a halloween event. maybe incorporate some music elements (music notes, music instruments…) so far it looks really good, but if I didn’t know who “The Offsprings” were, I would think this was a poster for a halloween party or some event of that sort. But unless that is the message that you want to send, then in that case the message is being sent across. good job.

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