Triple Portrait Painting II

Triple Portrait Painting II

I’ve updated my painting portrait by adding a real picture of myself. I’ve tried to make it look like its painted, but it doesn’t really show.


4 responses to “Triple Portrait Painting II”

  1. artifexdisegno says :

    Looks good. You should try to do the same thing with the picture on the canvas.

  2. artifexdisegno says :

    You could even go further and have someone take a picture of you from behing in the same pose like if you are painting, an Then add it to your painting. Just an idea

  3. ARTD150 says :

    Reblogged this on ARTD150 and commented:
    Hey Caleb! I think that you are getting somewhere with the photographic version of yourself in the mirror. It still looks like it needs a little more tightening up, the texture looks separate- consider blending the textures in more. What do you think about the changes? I agree with both you and Juan. GREAT!

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