Exercise 2.2 – FD – Update 2A

Robyn had made another suggestion that I should make the background into words and punch in the cross. Please send me some more feed back.


3 responses to “Exercise 2.2 – FD – Update 2A”

  1. kamidei says :

    Out of the 3 you have posted I think this is the best one. The all white was very distracting with the contrast being the white background with small font, that might of worked a little better with a thicker or bolder font. But this one is nice, the only thing I would mention is the diagonal lines created in the text by using the different words, instead of just one, like Jesus or Faith. Might make a more symbolic connection between the cross.

  2. ARTD150 says :

    I think this is my favorite design! I like how you use a different text than “cross” because the shape of the cross is already very strong. What do you think? You had several different versions to choose from. Which one was your favorite and why?

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